Guide to sizes and care

Our products are exclusively designed and created in Italy by professional seamstresses, we seek the best fabrics available on the market, to guarantee hygiene, comfort and environmental friendliness. In the description and the photos of the products we have tried to be as truthful and accurate as possible, hoping thus to facilitate your choice of one of our item. If you want special help or any advice on which bikini could fit you better, do not hesitate to contact us at, also by sending a photo of yourself with your measurements and we will try to advise on the model most suitable for you. These data will never be used except by our site and to facilitate your purchase, they will never be divulged to third parties in society, marketing or whatever.

The BIKINI AFFAIR products are made with high quality, delicate fabrics. Please, do not ever wash them with other clothes, always by hand in warm water, do not rub and dry them under the sun directly. Seeming imperfections that might be noticed on the items are due to the fact that they are cut and sewn by hand.

When you buy a reversible bikini please, be very careful when removing the label that guarantees the brand of the product and its origin in Italy.With small scissors unstitch the thread that attaches the label to the fabric and then remove it gently.

Sizes Guide

Italy 40-42 44 46 48
France 36-38 40 42 44
Germany 34-36 38 40 42
UK 8-10 12 14 16
USA 4-6 8 10 12
 Only for Curvy bikinis    C  D  DD