Bikini Affair


BIKINI AFFAIR produces garments conceived, designed and created entirely in Italy, working with the best companies in the industry, so as to obtain a unique product of timeless aesthetic value, not merely one only related to the latest fashion.

Our bikinis are designed and hand sewn with great care for various different types of women; using the best fabrics and clever cuts the feminine shape is thus beautifully supported and enhanced.

All BIKINI AFFAIR products are lined in microfibre; only the best and softest material is placed on the feminine skin to ensure both comfort and maximum hygiene. Our attention is focused on ensuring the best fit and this we accomplish by obtaining the best materials on the market. Women in BIKINI AFFAIR are always graceful, elegant and special, sure of the quality of what they are wearing.

Every woman is beautiful and unique, in every single moment of her life and we hope that here in BIKINI AFFAIR you will find what you want, what may happily surprise you, what will broaden your smile at times of rest.


In 2010, after 15 years of work in the fashion world in Milan, Rossella Manzetti decided to move to live on the Greek island of Spetses.

This place of unique beauty, gave birth to the idea of creating a line of hand-made bikinis, with particular attention to detail and above all dedicated to real women! Real women with their curves and, why not, their small defects, that we try to minimise through a continuous search for new patterns and fabrics.

All production takes place in Italy, a country that is well known for offering a level of excellence in clothing that is unique.